Saturday, 26 July 2008

BonBon Land theme park in Næstved, Denmark

Need a theme for a theme park? Can’t decide between sweets and poo? Why not have both!
That’s what one Danish theme park appears to have done.
Quite why anyone thought confectionary and scatological humour made for a great combo is a mystery, but nevertheless they are merged at BonBon Land near Næstved. According to BonBon Land’s website, it was originally designed as somewhere for children to see how sweets are made. But the park has morphed into a fully-fledged, rollercoaster-packed fun factory.
The obsession with naming the sweets after animal pellets has transferred to the rides, many of which are proudly fronted by cartoonish fibreglass creatures, ahem, going about their business. Visitors, for example, can try out the Dog Fart Switchback, the Gull Dropping Cycle, the Rubbish Dump and the Horse Dropping.
The obvious cheap gag would be to mention that the rides are so scary, you’ll sh... But I’m above that. Honest.

More information: BonBon Land

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