Tuesday, 29 July 2008

London Transport Museum in Covent Garden, England

For those masochists that just can’t get enough of the crammed commute into work, there is the opportunity to see even more Tube carriages at the newly revamped London Transport Museum.
The museum was re-opened in November 2007 after a major makeover. Perhaps they realised that a few old tube carriage decorations didn’t constitute much of a collection. And there was clearly a demand for a bizarre museum about England’s most unpleasant mode of transport, wasn’t there?
£21m was spent on beefing the museum up, and now flashy interactive stuff sits alongside the ancient trains.
London Underground geeks will be delighted to hear that there’s the chance to see the original Tube map and have a go on a train driving simulator.

Getting to the London Transport Museum

Nearest international airport: A close run thing between London Heathrow and London City, though it’s just as inconvenient getting to Covent Garden from them as it is from London Gatwick, London Luton and London Stansted. Never was a city blessed with so many airports in so many ill-thought out positions.
Using public transport: The museum is at 39 Wellington Street. The nearest tube station is Covent Garden although Leicester Square, Temple, Holborn, Charing Cross and Embankment are also within a kilometre’s walk.

More information: London Transport Museum

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