Monday, 28 July 2008

Eat puffin in Reykjavik, Iceland - Laekjarbrekka restaurant

Puffins are possibly the cutest birds on the planet, with their multi-coloured beaks and sad, doleful eyes. But in Iceland, they eat them, and any visitor with a heart of stone can savour the local favourite.
A lovely – if tear-jerkingly expensive – restaurant in which to dine on puffin is Laekjarbrekka on Bankastraeti in Reykjavik. It’s a classy joint, complete with pianist playing through the meal, and its housed in one of Reykjavik’s oldest buildings.
More importantly, however, one of its special menus is the Puffin Feast - as seen on Gordon Ramsay's 'The F Word' on July 29th, 2008.
For this, the starter is a fresh salad with smoked and marinated puffin, which is followed up by a main of puffin with brennivín sauce.
Bizarrely, they meat tastes rather different in each one. In the starter it’s cold, and has a texture like calf liver mixed with a fairly strong, salty aftertaste.
The brennivín is a special Icelandic drink –it means burnt wine and tastes foul as a shot, but works really well in the sauce. It has the effect of masking the taste of the puffin a little bit, but in the main course the aftertaste is a little stronger. And, according to some, not particularly nice.
Be warned though – Laekjarbrekka is an expensive restaurant, and visitors that suddenly decide they don’t enjoy the taste of puffin are likely to be left crying into their wallet.

Getting to Laekjarbrekka Restaurant in Reykjavik
Nearest international airport:
Reykjavik has its own central airport for domestic flights, but nearly all international flights land at Keflavik, about 45 minutes drive or bus transfer away.
Using public transport: If staying in central Reykjavik, Laekjarbrekka is in walking distance.
More information: Laekjarbrekka restaurant

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