Thursday, 18 September 2008

Royal Winery in Vaduz, Liechtenstein

There is wine-tasting, and then there is wine-tasting in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. The tiny Alpine principality has the world’s smallest wine industry. There’s just the one winery, and that’s owned by the Prince of Liechtenstein.
According to United Nations figures, Liechtenstein produces just 80 tonnes of wine per year. For a sense of perspective, compare that to the five million churned out by France. Or, even better, the 77,000 and 45,000 produced by Algeria and Uzbekistan respectively.
Turn up any time outside of the summer, and it seems a ridiculous proposition. The vineyard is overrun by goats, and is in the foothills of some terribly large snow-covered mountains. Hardly the perfect terroir for viticulture...
But rock up at the Hofkellerei (the winery of the Princely Court) in Vaduz and you get to sample one of the most exclusive wines in the world for free. The pinot noir is sold only in Vaduz. And, believe it or not, it’s absolutely sensational.

Getting to Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Nearest international airport: Liechtenstein doesn’t have an airport, so the nearest is in Zurich, Switzerland.
Using public transport: Get the train from Zurich’s main railway station to Sargans or Buchs on the border. From there, a lime green post bus goes to Vaduz and stops near the Hofkellerei.

More details: Hofkellerei

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tconi said...

I was looking for a link to the winery and came across your post. I was there around the end of September.
I LOVED the winery. tasted nearly everything.
My favorite was the anberola, which I wish I had bought more. We spent the day in Vaduz and the night on Lake Lugano, and sat out by the lake and went through a few bottles.
Highly recommend taking the trip to go - especially as the rest of Vaduz was so interesting.
peace & Lichtenstein

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