Saturday, 9 August 2008

Hotel Fox in Copenhagen, Denmark - design hotel

Design hotels are now cropping up all over Europe, but one of the oddest can be found in the Danish capital, Copenhagen. Welcome to the Hotel Fox.
Travellers staying in this unique accommodation can expect to find hugely individual rooms, all of which have been created by a team of artists from around the world.
Room 202 is a classic example. Dreamt up by German artist Boris Hoppek, it is called “You Are A Baby”. It’s done in bright red, blue and white, and has octopuses and fish made from terry-towelling hanging from the ceiling. It also has a topless lady dominating one wall, and she looks suspiciously like Ariel, Disney's (and Hans Christian Andersen’s) Little Mermaid. Well, there’s the Denmark link anyway.
Other strange places for visitors to rest their heads include Room 309, designed by London collective Container. It somehow manages to straddle themes of royalty, nightclubs and cards.
Perhaps most amusing of all is the ultra-kitsch Heidi room. Knocked up by a Swiss artist, the walls are covered in goats (one of which looks positively satanic), wrinkled shepherds and other mountain stereotypes. And the carpet is green for good measure.
The Hotel Fox is a trendy kind of place, but not too cool for school – it’s rather loveable too.

Getting to the Hotel Fox in Copenhagen, Denmark
Nearest international airport: Copenhagen
Using public transport: The hotel is approximately 10 – 15 minutes walk away from Copenhagen Central Station, which has a direct train connection to the airport.
More information: Hotel Fox

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