Saturday, 23 August 2008

Woodlyn Park in Waitomo, New Zealand - Stay in a 1950s plane

You really have to give top marks to this one. A clearly barking New Zealander has got hold of an old plane and made excellent use of it, converting it into accommodation.
Despite once being the proud supply line to American troops in Vietnam, there’s not much use for the Bristol Freighter these days. Except, of course, as a substitute hotel near Waitomo on New Zealand’s North Island.
The plane still has the camouflage livery, and by the looks of it, much of the original gear and furnishings.
A nice little touch is that it costs slightly extra to stay in the cockpit rather than in the tail of the plane. The riff-raff in cattle class should know their place, after all.
Just in case the warplane rooms are not wacky enough, Woodlyn Park also offers accommodation in a ‘train motel’, a ship that the owner is trying to compare to the Titanic and hobbit houses.
Take a look at the pics on the website – the whole place looks somewhat surreal.
It’s also pretty close to the Waitomo Caves – a bizarre attraction in themselves, particularly if you take on the blackwater rafting through the caves, lit by glow worms.

More information: Woodlyn Park

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