Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Love spoons in Llangollen, Wales

It is, of course, vitally important for any father to know that a prospective son-in-law is able to sustain himself and his family. So what better way to prove it than getting him to carve a spoon?
That’s Welsh logic for you, and this is allegedly how the tradition of love spoons came about.
The basic premise is that an amorous young buck would give the spoon to the apple of his eye, with the delicacy of the carving an indication both of his craftsmanship skills and degree of devotion. If she accepted the spoon, they were officially courting. Well, it’s better than “get your coat darl, you’ve pulled”, isn’t it?
Nowadays, young Welshmen generally prefer flowers, chocolates or alcohol for the same purpose, but a small cottage industry has built up selling kitsch love spoon souvenirs to tourists. Picturesque Llangollen is the capital of this – you can hardly move for them.

Getting to Llangollen, Wales
Nearest International Airport:
Liverpool John Lennon is the closest, but still not exactly convenient. Manchester and Birmingham airports are also within a couple of hours’ drive.
Using public transport: Get a train to Wrexham, then a bus to Llangollen.

More information: Llangollen and Dee Valley website


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