Saturday, 2 August 2008

Eat rotten shark (hakarl) in Reykjavik, Iceland

Hakarl, apparently, is an Icelandic speciality, and it sounds absolutely revolting. Essentially it is putrefied shark, which is buried and rotted for three months in order to make it vaguely digestible. I can tell you’re all salivating now, aren’t you?
I went to Iceland in May 2008 for a few days, half with the intention of trying some hakarl. I never did in the end, but I have my excuses:

1. I only had a day in Reykjavik and couldn’t find anywhere that served it.
2. After eating puffin and whale on the same trip, I had more than adequately filled the dodgy meat quota.
3. I’ve already eaten shark (in Crown Point, Tobago), so I don’t need to eat hakarl in order to tick it off my childish list of animals consumed.

Usually, I’m happy to try anything. But in this instance, I suspect, I’ve had a very lucky escape.

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