Friday, 15 August 2008

Oresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark

The Oresund Bridge is one of those things best viewed from the air. If flying over the coast of Southern Sweden, suddenly this incredible structure appears in the water, snaking all the way across the channel to Denmark.
The bridge, which was completed in 1999, is one of the most spectacular border crossings in the world. It’s one of the longest bridges on the planet – nearly 8km long - and it links the Swedish city of Malmo with the Danish capital, Copenhagen.
The toll to cross in a car is fairly hefty, but it’s worth it for the views. Coming from Copenhagen, you emerge from a tunnel onto an artificial island. The road then runs alongside the train track before climbing on top of it, and taking on the main span.
Should renting a car just to go over a bridge seem a little unnecessary, then it’s possible to go over on the train. There are still great views from the sides, but alas you can’t see what’s ahead of you and that’s half of the wow factor.

Getting there

Nearest international airport: Copenhagen
Using public transport: The train from Copenhagen central stops at Copenhagen Airport before crossing the Oresund Bridge and ending up in Malmo, Sweden.
More information: Oresund Bridge


laradunston said...

Hey David, fascinating blog concept and great posts, but I'd love some photos, please.

David said...

Hi Lara. Thanks. Three reasons for no photos...

1. I'm not the world's greatest photographer.
2. This is a bit of a test run to see how things go - I'm having a proper site designed that will fit the content better.
3. It's time consuming to get all my pics into web format - I'll do that when the proper site is online, and I start migrating the content over.

travelrat said...

My Danish friend reckons the Swedes built the Oresund Bridge so they could easily get across to Denmark, and get some decent beer!

David said...

That'd be about right. But the best place to see the Swedish beer hordes is in Helsingor. They all pile off the ferry from Helsingborgs, then stream into the cheap booze shops that line the harbour.

Great entertainment...

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