Thursday, 7 August 2008

Sweden's Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi near Kiruna

One place I have always wanted to stay in is Sweden’s famous Ice Hotel. It’s a stunning architectural achievement, not least because it’s made from scratch every year.
Well inside the Arctic Circle, the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi (near Kiruna) is constructed from ice taken from the nearby river. And just about everything is made of ice – glasses in the bar, the bar itself and a replica of Shakespeare’s Globe theatre amongst them.
Best of all are, reportedly, the rooms. No prizes for guessing what they’re made of – even the beds. And in order to make things comfortable, the beds are covered with reindeer skins and industrial strength sleeping bags.
The hotel tends to be open from December until it melts (usually mid-to-late April). And, unsurprisingly, it’s not cheap. But then again, you wouldn’t expect the world’s most luxurious igloo to be easy on the wallet.

More information: Ice Hotel Website

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