Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Leksakland Toy Museum in Malmo, Sweden

Quite a lot of us collect things when we’re children. But there’s taking things to extremes, and that’s clearly what the geniuses/ mentalists between the Malmo Toy Museum have done.
Leksakland, as it is also known, has amassed huge collections of some of the most popular years from the last 100 years, and arranged them in displays. Anything that can whirr, whirrs. Anything that can make move or makes noises, moves and makes noises. The monthly battery bill must be enormous
So model trains go through miniature Wild West villages, Scalextrics are set up with every imaginable add-on, and scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean are replicated with little Johnny Depps and Keira Knightleys.
The displays are utterly charming in their dedication and sheer pointlessness, but it’s the scale of the collections that are really impressive/ scary.
There are:
- Over 1,000 McDonalds Happy Meal toys from 1987 to 2002.
- 350+ Disney merchandising dolls and toys
- 400+ Star Wars figurines
And that’s before we even start with the cabinets full of Lord of the Rings, Action Man, Barbie, Lego, Tintin and Harry Potter figures.

Getting to Leksakland Toy Museum in Malmo, Sweden

Nearest international airport: Malmo has a small international airport, but it’s actually easier to get to the city centre from Copenhagen International Airport in Denmark – just get the train over the Oresund Bridge.
Using public transport: Leksakland is a short walk away from Malmo Central Station.
More information: Leksakland

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